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Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Double Meaning (Chapter Twelve)

THE DOUBLE MEANINGS  Everything in life has a double meaning. Like a coin with two faces. You just choose which face to see and you also choose which meaning to get.  We all get double meaning in this life from the moment we were created inside our mothers and these meaning change by every day in our lives. This time my double meaning is more complicated than ever. This time it is not just a coin, but more of a necklace of coins that is tangled together preventing me from seeing all the meanings I need and only making me see the faces what others making me see. The first face is my own survival in this country, but one the other’s face, it is helping criminals escape their justice, but my other’s face has a little coin within it with a double faces too, the first face is a criminal I am helping to escape, but on the other side, he might be the one person I have been looking for my entire life, the love of my life. He tells me that my own survival is tangled within all of the others coin and to see the entire coin and not just a face, I need to untangle the rest and find the faces that I should see, the faces where I have to trust him and be get not just my freedom, but all of our freedoms.   WAIT FOR A NEW CHAPTER EVERY THURSDAY ON societyfix.blogspot.com



Someone knock on the door of the hotel room we are staying in. We have changed the hotel not once twice, trying to get rid of anyone following us, but still there was no use, some people are still following us and our plane is taking off in a couple of hours. We are screwed.

I close the bathroom door on me and hide in the bathtub. It is the best I can do given the circumstances. I can hear Gayla talking outside, but I can’t understand what she is saying. Some muffled voices are there with her, but it is still hard to make what is being said.
I am startled when I hear the voices approaching me followed by some kind of bangs. I think there is a fight going on outside. It is confirmed when I hear something fall and break outside.

I hold on my breath and take a step back till I am flat on the tiles behind me.

I am startled when the door knob start to shake. I know that the door is locked, I should feel safe, but I have seen enough to know that the door is easily to be broken with a couple of pushes, especially this cheap hotel doors.

My fear has come true, the door is open after the fourth push. I know that I will be taken and it seems that I have to accept it.


I check my bag to see if I had everything I need. Which is basically a car key and a lipstick and not to forget my i-phone. I look at Gayla and she is putting her belongings in her bag too. She wanted to drive me, but I declined because I don’t want to draw attention since she is also the one who go and visit Alex.

I kind of feel sorry for Alex. Gayla wants to kill him for spelling out the beans to Marcus. She doesn’t believe that the best hacker in the world is stupid enough to do something like this, but the thing is, she hasn’t seen Marcus yet. He is the kind of man that makes you spell your darkest secrets too because you feel that he can help you or assist you in some manners.

When she is finished, we both grab our things and head out. I am wearing flats, since I can’t drive with heels and I am carrying my heels and bag in my hand. Gayla is carrying multiple files and a large bag. She is back in her total black outfit and her gun in under her shirt.

We reach our cars in the hotel parking lot. I go to my red Verna and she heads to her black sports car. I open the door and enter the car. I put my car in reverse and start to move, but I stop when there is a knock on my window.  I open it up and Gayla is standing outside she bend and stick her face from the window.

“S, be prepared. From what you have told me, Marcus was pretty good and he didn’t hurt you. Emanuel on the other hand will be different. Don’t fight anything he does, mentally or physically. I want you to return back to me today, okay?” She doesn’t wait for me to answer and she immediately get out of the car and enter hers.

I shut the windows and start moving. I know that Emanuel is going to be different. I have read his files. He is the most powerful man in Columbia and his only weakness are girls and sex. To put him in jail, they set him up with a girl. She was the reason he is in La Borgie.

When we went to the call girls he call and ask for they were kind of happy that someone else would go instead of them, especially that Gayla promised them that they will take all the money from the operation and extra money for their collaboration.

The girl what was responsible for my teaching told me to do exactly what he says because if I tried to fight anything he wants; he would get violent with me. I should thank god that he sent me Marcus who was extremely good to me, considering the circumstances and his look was a bonus too.

I stop the car at my destination. I smile at all the guards outside. I have always been the type of people that smile to everyone even strangers, but one of my duties was to save my smile only for Emanuel to make him feel special. But outside these walls, I can be myself again.

I do the daily trip with Diago and everyone else, leaving all of my stuff outside and signing this stupid agreement that just stats on basically that no one will be able to save me when the time come.
I stand in front of Emanuel’s door for a couple of seconds. I know what will face me today, I am prepared for it. Then, why am I so afraid like this? Why do I have a feeling that this won’t go as good as I hope it would me? I close my eyes and look at the roof. I take a deep breath and knock on the door.

Emanuel open the door for me. His smile is different today. It is not forced, but dangerous.
I smile back at him and start swinging step after step forward, forcing him to go back and letting me in. I force a smile to match his smile. I mirror his every move and he mirrors mine, but neither of us says a word.

He finally stops. His chair is right behind him. He capture my waist and then sit down, pulling me on a top of him. I straddle him. He still hasn’t said a word and hasn’t done a thing.

I touch his face, tracing his scar with my hand. I expected him to flinch or move my hand away from him, but he disappoints me when he closes his eyes and moans. It is like he is savoring my touch to his scar.

“I love scars. It showed that you have tried.” I say in a quiet voice, afraid to get him out of his quiet mood.

“I have tried many things then.” He answers also swiftly and quietly.

He lowers the straps of my dress exposing my bra and he keep lowering it till it stops where I am straddling him. He nudge me so I stand and once I am up my dress hit the floor. I am left in just my underwear. I suddenly feel conscious about my body. The last few days have been so hectic that I didn’t feel that there are men who are watching me naked. It is a nerve wracking thing and I feel myself start to sweat. I move my hair away from my face and neck. I pull it up like I would hold it in a ponytail, but then leave it to fall on my shoulders again.

I don’t look at him, but I know that he is starting to get turned on real good. I hear it in his breath. He is breathing loudly and more intense now.

I finally look at him and he is watching me like a predator who found his prey and plan his strike strategy.  

I have read once, if you don’t want to be the prey, you have to be the predator. In my case I need to be the predator. I need to take control of the situation before it control me. But how could I take control of this situation when I don’t want to be in it in the first place? With Marcus it was extremely easy. He was in charge and he was a leader. A leader who thinks of his employees first and him later, with Emanuel it is the exact opposite, he is the customer who want to be pleased.

There is only one way that can make me in control of the situation. I can imagine something else, another story and another scene. Something that will encourage me to take control, something more than of a fantasy than anything else.

I close my eyes and imagine myself being in a pool side of some villa in Los Angeles.  I am standing right next to the pool. The sun is striking in the weather is fine. In front of me there is a bench and there sitting Marcus. He is wearing a neon orange shirt and blue short. His tan is sparkling with the sunlight. His hair is brushed to the side and he is wearing a black watch on his left hand. He is sitting with his elbows on his knees and watching me with intense eyes. I am wearing a red bikini and a red heels.

I smile and tile my head to the side. I unhook my bra, but don’t let it fall from my body. I hold it there keeping it there for a moment then let it fall slowly down, exposing my breasts just a little then a little more then I let it fall to hit the ground. I touch them and squeeze them a little.

I open my eyes and I immediately faced by the reality. I am still in the prison cell. Marcus is not here and it is just Emanuel. He is ogling me. His dick is out and in his hands and he is sliding them up and down. I swallow the bile in my throat and close my eyes again.

I am back to the pool side. Marcus is there again, gazing at me. There is a twinkle in his eyes. He likes what I am doing. I keep going on. I take my panties slowly off, very slowly. I bend down to take it off just like I am taught. I leave it hanging on the floor and stand straight again.

I know it is time to open my eyes again and return to reality again, but it is harder than anything I have ever done. I can’t bring myself to do this. I am disgusted by him and I am so scared of him.
I take the leap of faith and open my eyes. I am so startled when I see Emanuel standing right in front of me that I take a step back and trip on my shoes, but Emanuel loops a hand through my waist and catch me before I hit the ground.

“You were so far away, I didn’t want to stop you. You looked so sexy while taking of your clothes while swinging from side to side like there is a music on. You are the most beautiful woman who ever stepped inside this cell so far.” He says then bends down to kiss me. I feel his lips on my mine bruising me. His hands are crashing me and suddenly I feel like I can’t breathe. I feel my heart beating so fast and so hard.

I stare at the ceiling. Every muscle in my body hurts. I don’t think I can stand up. I feel crashed and I was crashed. They all have left. They took what they wanted to take and left me to rot in here. They didn’t tell me to leave and I don’t think I can leave without Emanuel giving me the words. He always coming back to tell me when to leave. I want to leave so bad, but I can’t. I need a shower, not just for my need for a shower, but because there is blood on me.
At first, it was just Emanuel. He raped me and he was rough about it. He didn’t try to even take it and leave it there, but he took it in pain and he seemed to like that I am in pain.
When he was finished I thanked god that it was over, but he didn’t seem to be satisfied enough. He sent for his men who came to finish what he started in the most brutal way. Blood was all I tasted and smelled and pain was all I felt.

I have tried to fake it at first, but pain was unbearable and I couldn’t take any more and all of them liked this.

I feel disgusted with myself. Emanuel told me to take a shower if I want before he left. I bet I looked as bad as I felt.

I decided to get up and head to the bathroom to take a shower, maybe it will reduce the pain I feel. I sit down and immediately feel a wave of pain going through my body. I look at my arms, there is finger marks on my hand bruising it.

I force myself to get up, moving so slowly. I have never moved this slowly before. I feel the pain passing through my entire body through every muscle every bone and every skin cut. I go to the bathroom. Well, this small room that they call a bathroom. The sink is in front of the toilet and the shower right next to the sink. Only one space for a person to stand. The smell is horrible and it look horrible. The sink looks like it had never been washed and the toilet too. The floor in a serious need of scrubbing and it needs lots of detergents to make it smell better, but even this I don’t think it will work, it really stink. I think about leaving this place without taking a shower and taking it in my hotel room, after taking large portion of Advil.

Just as I was leaving I look and see something so hideous staring at me, not a human being, but a monster or it might be a zombie. 


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